Interstitial Cystitis


Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis is a disease that is believed to be caused by chronic inflammation of the inner lining of the bladder, which can lead to scarring, ulcerations, and bleeding. Patients suffer frequent and painful urination, urinary urgency, difficulty urinating, pain with intercourse and resultant pelvic pain. Interstitial cystitis can also affect men but women are most commonly affected. Treatment includes medications that help restore the damaged lining of the bladder. Some are instilled directly into the bladder. Other medications work on decreasing nerve stimulation. Some have claimed success with sacral nerve stimulation, which can be performed by several ways either surgically or non-surgically, both of which are available at San Fernando Valley Urological Associates. Some patients may benefit from pelvic floor muscle relaxation training through biofeedback. Diet can have a role in IC as well, and our Registered Dietician is available for personalized consultation.

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