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If you’re one of the more than 40 million American men who experience erectile dysfunction, don’t wait to seek professional help. Sexual medicine can pinpoint the underlying cause and recommend treatment that aligns with your needs. At San Fernando Valley Urological Associates, the team of expert urologists offers sexual medicine to adult patients. To make an appointment in Tarzana or West Hills, California, call the nearest office today or schedule online.

Sexual Medicine Q&A

What is sexual medicine?

Sexual medicine diagnoses, treats, and prevents problems affecting your sexual function. If you develop a sexual health problem like erectile dysfunction or hypogonadism, it can affect your ability to get an erection and have a healthy sex drive.

These problems can gradually affect your intimate relationships and your mental health by increasing the risk of anxiety and/or depression. If you’re concerned about your risk of a sexual health problem, make an appointment at San Fernando Valley Urological Associates right away.

What conditions does sexual medicine treat?

At San Fernando Valley Urological Associates, the team uses sexual medicine to treat various conditions, including:

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction keeps you from getting or maintaining an erection long enough to have sex. Almost every man experiences erectile dysfunction occasionally, but it could point to a more serious underlying problem if the problem continues for weeks or months.


Hypogonadism happens when a man’s body fails to produce enough testosterone. Over time, hypogonadism increases the risk of low libido, lost muscle mass, and weight gain. Without adequate levels of testosterone, you might also experience difficulty concentrating or feelings of irritability.

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is a rare condition. It causes excess scar tissue to form in the penis, often resulting from an injury. When left untreated, Peyronie’s disease causes your erect penis to curve, making sexual intercourse painful, if not impossible.

Who can benefit from sexual medicine?

Anyone experiencing sexual dysfunction because of a physical health problem like low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, or increased scar tissue can benefit from sexual medicine. Following a thorough physical exam and a discussion of your symptoms, the team develops a custom care plan that aligns with your needs.

How are sex-related health problems treated?

Treating sex-related health problems depends on what’s causing them and how severe your symptoms are. Usually, the San Fernando Valley Urological Associates team recommends conservative measures, like losing weight, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of exercise.

If your symptoms continue, your provider might recommend prescription medication, testosterone replacement therapy, or surgery.

To learn more about the benefits of sexual medicine, make an appointment at San Fernando Valley Urological Associates today by calling the office or scheduling online.